The World of

Walt 'n Matilda


Walt and Matilda characters

Hooty the Owl

Hooty the OwlHoot is the wise old owl of Oz.
He is the wise councilor and mentor of Walt 'n Matilda and the community of Gum Tree Valley.
Think of him as the Guru or Wizard.

Streak the Emu

Streak the EmuStreak is inquisitive, alert and impulsive.
Everything has to be done instantly and quickly or he gets bored. It's no surprise that he is the fastest runner in Gum Tree Valley and no surprise that he is known as Streak.

Lofty the Kookaburra

Lofty the KookaburraLives in a Gum Tree but has traveled to far off places and seen many interesting things. Lofty can tell a great story and has been the instigator of some of Walt 'n Matilda's adventures.

Wally the Wambat

Wally the WambatA trusted friend of Walt 'n Matilda. he is very considerate and measured in his reactions and will not be rushed into anything that he hasn't pondered over and thought about for some time - often giving wise council to his friends.

Cossa the Cossawary

Cossa the CossawaryHer real name is Cossette but her friends call her Cossa. She is a real tomboy and can run as fast as Streak the emu. She is strong, brave, impulsive and can do most things better than her friends.

Billy the Bilby

Billy the BilbyBilly is shy and reclusive but is very alert and intuitive. So much so that he is said to have predictive dreams and a sixth sense. Apart from being best friends with Walt 'n Matilda Billy is a close friend of Hooty the Owl.

Choppers the Crocodile

Choppers the CrocodileA trusted friend who is strong and fearless and enjoys being part of Walt's adventures.

Joey the Kangaroo

Joey the KangarooJoey is bouncy, clever and mischievous. He loves adventures, fun and a good laugh and therefore it is no surprise that he is one of Walt's best friends.